Leather Furniture Deep Cleaned & Conditioned

The leather on modern furniture comes in many different finishes and qualities. At Mobile Upholstery And Leather Cleaning we specialise, like no other, in deep cleaning, restoring and conditioning all leather types.

Most leather is ‘finished’ with a lacquer that protects the pigmented colour and allows most spills to be wiped up. However, over time the lacquer often wears off on high use areas, followed by the pigmented colour, leaving the exposed leather to quickly soil and wear through. These areas can be prepared, re pigmented and lacquered to restore the look and improve the furnitures’ longevity.

Another commonly used leather is what is known as ‘Aniline’ or ‘Semi Aniline’, a more natural looking product that is more forgiving when it gets soiled or damaged as these often add to it’s ‘character’, although spills are more likely to be absorbed while at the same time moisture and colour can be lost over time, especially on areas that are exposed to sunny aspects. To ascertain whether or not your leather is Aniline, just drop a small amount of clean water onto an inconspicuous area of the leather; if it sinks in and the area becomes darker in colour, then it is probably Aniline… Don’t worry, it will dry out perfectly well.

Analine Leather Dying

Analine Leather Dying

Aniline leather that is a few years old and starting to look faded and shabby in areas, will benefit from an application of the appropriate colour dye and then a conditioning cream. This will restore colour and condition.

At Mobile Upholstery And Leather Cleaning we have years of experience in the Upholstery trade, including manufacture of bespoke furniture, repair, recovers and restoration, and therefore have an unrivalled arsenal of solutions to the many varied problems that afflict leather furniture over time; and the unique service we offer is ‘mobile’, so that you never have to be without your furniture because it’s been carted off somewhere for who knows how long!

As well as general soiling that dulls the overall finish, there will be areas of the furniture that look particularly worn or dirty due to a regular pattern of use by a ‘certain person’ in the household, and there may be other areas that are spoiled by pen marks, spills, or minor damage.

One of the advantages of using ‘Mobile Upholstery Repairs and Leather Cleaning’ is that we can deal with all the problems in one visit.

Some pigmented leather finishes (especially multi tone/mottled) are easily damaged or spoiled when being cleaned or even just wiped over with a damp cloth. We will always clean and condition ‘by hand’ so that we are able to always see close up which areas need special attention, for example, some soiling can permeate the lacquer and no amount of cleaning will remove the stain without further damaging the leather itself. In these cases we can re pigment the area to blend perfectly with the surrounding cleaned leather.

Once the furniture is cleaned, repaired and restored it will be conditioned to protect the newly revived leather. This gives it a new looking lustre.. And smells lovely too.