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Leather Cleaning & Repairs across Essex

Leather cleaning and general upholstery repairs and restoration carried out in your home.

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About Us

Many people throw out their suite because the cushions have flattened or it’s looking a bit shabby. Unfortunately many people also often come to regret this decision.

When you by a new sofa or suite, it’s then you realise how comfortable and well made the old one was in comparison. Having a suite recovered is often more expensive than buying new, but giving your current furniture a ‘face lift’ is an ideal and inexpensive way of getting an extra year or two out of it!

At Mobile Upholstery we specialise in furniture repair, leather cleaning and general ‘face lift’ procedures such as cushion refilling and firming, all done with the minimum of fuss in your home. The work is mess free and rarely takes more than a couple of hours. 

To get a quote please send a photo of the furniture as a whole, as well as any areas that require particular attention, via email here or by Whatapp on this number 07889368706.

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Worn, Cracked or Faded Leather

Damaged or worn leather can be cleaned and restored to an excellent standard, on site in a single visit.


 Please get in touch for more information.

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Leather Panel Replacement

I sew new leather in by hand along the existing seams and then blend the colour to match if necessary, using restoration pigment... all in your home in a single visit.

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Andrew is a very professional upholsterer, furniture restorer and furniture cleaner. Andrew has completed multiple repairs to my 30 year old leather furniture such that the furniture now looks immaculate.


Andrew has refurbished, recoloured the furniture, invisibly repaired multiple leather splits and tears to the furniture and I fully recommend him and his company. They offer and give a first class service in the home from pricing to completion.

Leather Sofa


We are very pleased with the work Andrew undertook on our 5 year old cream leather sofa. It was scuffed and scratched from pet claws and 3 young children! We thought we would have to replace it.

Following Andrew’s work It is honestly like having a new sofa, an unbelievable transformation.

Blue Leather Chair


Fantastic job recovering and matching leather desk chair arms. Would recommend to anyone wanting a professional repair to a leather item.

Purple Sitting Room

Need professional leather cleaning?
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