Broken Springs, Webbing and Frames

Most modern furniture (within the last thirty years) will have foam, feather or fibre seat cushions that lay on top of a seat platform, which will consist of either a ‘no sag’ spring system ( zig zag springs) or elastic webbing.

These seat platform components can stretch or break over time. On leather furniture (especially reclining models) springs often slip out of their securing clips, allowing the seat foams to drop through.. And you with them!

Similarly, broken framework will cause seating to collapse and recliners to get stuck (sometimes in the open position). In the majority of cases repairs can be carried out on site and with very little disruption.

Many superior quality ‘cottage’ style suites such as ‘Ercol’ have ‘Pirelli’ strapping under the cushions. After many years of use these straps begin to wear out and become dry, losing their elasticity. Replacing these straps may seem a straight forward job, however sourcing the genuine Pirelli elastic webbing can be difficult and prove expensive when purchasing small amounts.

At Mobile Upholstery we stock the necessary materials and our experience in fitting the straps means it can be done quickly and efficiently.