Soft and Baggy Cushions

Cushions and arm pads on both leather and fabric furniture can lose shape and firmness in a matter of months due to sub standard materials or insufficient filling. Even when still under warranty, retailers and insurance companies often refuse to rectify these faults, saying that it is down to wear and tear or customer abuse.

Better quality fillings will last longer but in time may still require repadding to improve the feel and aesthetics of the suite. At mobile upholstery we can either replace the original seat foams with superior quality  foam (most commonly on suites with ‘loose’ seat cushions that have zips at the back) or add foam/fibre as appropriate to restore shape and support to ‘bolster”.

Back cushions and arm pads are usually filled with a man made fibre in both fabric and leather furniture. In these cases we introduce extra fibre into the original fillings.