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Upholstery Repair Services

Here at Mobile Upholstery Repairs we specialise in providing bespoke high quality repair services at affordable prices. If your sofa or chair is damaged you can save yourself money by repairing the damaged or worn area by utilising our services. 

To find out more about our mobile upholstery services take a look below or contact us directly for more information. We will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

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Leather Furniture Deep Cleaned & Conditioned

The leather on modern furniture comes in many different finishes and qualities. At Mobile Upholstery and Leather Cleaning we specialise, like no other, in deep cleaning, restoring and conditioning most leather types.

Most leather is ‘finished’ with a lacquer that protects the pigmented colour and allows most spills to be wiped up.


However, over time the lacquer often wears off on high use areas, followed by the pigmented colour, leaving the exposed leather to quickly soil and wear through. These areas can be prepared, re-pigmented and lacquered to restore the look and improve the furniture’s longevity.


Dog and Cat Damage / Stains and Spills

Dogs, when left alone, can get bored or frustrated; it is not unusual for us to be asked to repair leather or fabric furniture that has been scratched, torn, and in many cases had entire areas of leather ripped away. This type of damage can almost always be repaired very effectively.

Cats invariably cause damage with their claws, be it during a mad moment of play or through the habit of using the corner of the sofa or chair as a scratching post. Depending on the type of leather, finish and extent of damage, these areas can at least be improved by sealing to prevent further deterioration, and re pigmenting to blend with the surrounding undamaged leather and in many cases the marks can be rendered invisible.


Worn, Cracked or Faded Leather

Leather can become dirty or stained with ink, (biro, felt tip and marker pens) food stains and accidental spillages. These may clean off if treated immediately but will often permeate the leather finish causing a permanent stain. It is common for the finish to become damaged while attempting to rub marks off. In both these cases it is possible to permanently recolour the area so that no sign of the accident remains.

Antique finishes are designed to look faded on the high areas but this effect often becomes exaggerated over time, so that large light patches often develop  where the head, hands and elbows rest. Again these areas can be treated and restored.



Tears and pet damage in leather and vinyl can be bonded, filled, coloured and lacquered to varying standards depending on the degree of damage and the style of the original finish.

In many cases where seams have failed, repairs involving hand stitching are very successful.

Soft and Baggy Cushions

Cushions and arm pads on both leather and fabric furniture can lose shape and firmness in a matter of months due to sub standard materials or insufficient filling. Even when still under warranty, retailers and insurance companies often refuse to rectify these faults, saying that it is down to wear and tear or customer abuse.

Better quality fillings will last longer but in time may still require re-padding to improve the feel and aesthetics of the suite. At Mobile Upholstery we can either replace the original seat foams with superior quality  foam (most commonly on suites with ‘loose’ seat cushions that have zips at the back) or add foam/fibre as appropriate to restore shape and support to ‘bolster'.



Back cushions and arm pads are usually filled with a man made fibre in both fabric and leather furniture. In these cases we introduce extra fibre into the original fillings.


Broken Springs, Webbing and Frames

Most modern furniture (within the last thirty years) will have foam, feather or fibre seat cushions that lay on top of a seat platform, which will consist of either a ‘no sag’ spring system ( zig zag springs) or elastic webbing.

These seat platform components can stretch or break over time. On leather furniture (especially reclining models) springs often slip out of their securing clips, allowing the seat foams to drop through, and you with them!

Similarly, broken framework will cause seating to collapse and recliners to get stuck (sometimes in the open position). In the majority of cases repairs can be carried out on site and with very little disruption.


On Site Leather Panel Replacement

Some leather is so badly worn or damaged, that no amount of restoration product will put it right. Holes and scratched on individual panels caused by pets or human damage, or just the passage of time, can be replaced entirely.

I sew new leather in by hand along the existing seams and then blend the colour to match if necessary, using restoration pigment... all in your home in a single visit.

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